“I Trust You”

I Trust You 

“I trust you God!” Was the response I said in the shower after I woke up and heard the news that the offer my husband and I made on a house we fell in love with was rejected. There wasn’t even a counter offer, just a simple no. Leading up to this my husband and I truly told God if it isn’t supposed to happen and if we are not to move or if He foresees something we don’t, then close the door but deep down I had high hopes that the door would swing wide open and we could walk right into what I thought would be such a blessing and a new start for our new little family. It even had his and her sinks! Can you get anymore unity than that?! LOL! But those high hopes quickly turned to disappointment.  

I was texting a friend earlier today and she was saying her menstrual cycle is late and wondering if she might be pregnant but not sure if they are prepared for another baby at this point in their life. Her and her husband have tried many times before for their third baby with no success but she came to conclusion that it’s all in God’s timing. I’m sure there has been many times of disappointment when she read “not pregnant” on the strip, even while having conflicting feelings of wanting a baby but contemplating if they even have room for another baby but yet she continually says, “I trust you God.” 

I felt guilty for feeling disappointed that we weren’t moving into a brand new beautiful home because after all I prayed and told God to close the door if it wasn’t His will or timing so did I really mean it? You know what I’ve learned? You can’t hide your heart from God. You can’t hide your true feelings from God nor does He want you to.  

In Matthew 11:28 it says, Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” 

I have found time and time again that true rest only comes from trusting God and allowing Him to guide every step and path in my life. We don’t have to pretend we aren’t disappointed when things don’t happen the way they thought they would or in the timing we thought. We can be real with God and with our feeling but I found out that when my response is, “I trust you God” and I relinquish my will for His, peace comes and begins to take residence in my heart because I know God has nothing but good thoughts towards me and for me. When we know and meditate on who God is, His character and His promises in the word, we can relax and know he is trustworthy.  He will never steer us wrong and then the disappointments begin to fade. Sometimes you have to say it a few times before your feelings follow but believe me they will.  

That doesn’t mean that the answer will always and forever be no. It doesn’t mean that we won’t have certain things we desire. It simple means I trust that God has the best for me and as I lay down my will daily for His, I will be able to look back and see how His goodness and mercy followed me. How His ways are better than my ways. That some of things I thought I wanted or needed I didn’t. He is a good Shepherd. He knows how to lead His flock. Being grateful and content with what you have is a beautiful place to be in and if that was the simple lesson In all of this then Praise God.  

That don’t mean we should be afraid to step out and try because God is a great navigator. He will open and close doors in our lives but will we trust Him when He does?  

Whatever you are going through today I want to encourage you to say these four words, “I trust you God!”

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