Know Your Rights!

It’s silly to me how much time and energy we put into fighting for rights we already have. Truth and facts are two different things. Truth supersedes facts. The fact is that you may have experienced injustice in your workplace because of the color of your skin or your gender but the truth is you have the right to handle it in whatever way you feel necessary. Whether confronting it or walking away from it. So that brings me to this subject. Women, YOU ALREADY ARE a mans equal. You were taken from his rib to walk beside him hand and hand. (Gen.2:22) You already are valuable, loved and desired by your Creator. If you don’t want to be a homemaker.... you have that right not to be, if you want to be have that right, you want to be single or married... you have that right. Is there injustice, racism and sexism in this world? Unfortunately yes and it will exist until Jesus comes back so why waste time trying to fight for something you already have. Anyone who loves sports says defense is the key to winning games. Because of what Jesus has done for us on the cross by giving us the right (righteousness) to stand, that’s simply all we have to do is STAND and defend our rights. We must defend our rights at all cost and guess what? We have the right to salvation, healing, prosperity, peace, love, joy and yes the pursuit of happiness. I could go on and on and we don’t have to ask for permission from our government, our employer, friends or family because Gods Kingdom and Word trumps all that and that is the TRUTH! You may have to fight harder for a position or a place in this fallen world but your not fighting for a right, your simply defending your positional authority in Christ Jesus. Your a human BEing (defense) not a human DOing (offense) so my encouragement to you today, on this fine Thursday is, know your rights and just BE. Stop offensively going after things you already have, it’s a waste of time!

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